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Our Organic Farm

" The initiative of the eco-friendly organic farm at NishaVille started with the presence of a thousand coconut trees in the resort, cattle were freed from a slaughterhouse and brought into the farm. The philosophy of ‘Sufficiency Economy’ has therefore begun so we can develop the idle space and turn it into productive resources. In the same time, it can live in the harmony with natural environment, the land is influenced by the wind across the Gulf of Thailand. Its perfect tropical climate is the good factor to growing plants here."

Farm of Love

Many life of cows and buffalos have been saved and now raised in the farm which is also open for the tourists to feed and get close to them. Beyond the love and care for animals the owner has given, the affection towards nature is obviously seen through how the trees are being cared. The coconut trees, as a symbol of Prachuap Khiri Khan, are planted more enough to sell to the market; either fragrant coconut water or coconut milk for cooking or even the cashew nut tree. It has become a new hobby for the resort’ staff to pick and harvest fruits for trading and distribution. The income will then be used for further farm production expenses in the resort.

A huge tamarind tree shadowing the bird and the Sun, at the same time, produces fruits which later transformed into other kinds of food products. Likewise, the mushroom farm and the watercress in the plot are healthily thriving. Our chef thus created a new menu especially by deep-frying the watercress and served with sweet dipping sauce. We also grow the potatoes, limes, passion fruits, bananas, mangoes, bamboos, etc. Our staff are taking turns to take care of the plants and trees which is good for their learning while the fresh products from the farm can be sent to the kitchen for staff’s meal or served to the resort’s guests.